race recap 2012

Well, I’ve made my 13 Goals for 2013 but during my run this weekend I go to thinking about the year ahead… running wise. So, I thought I would set some running goals for myself to kick off a new year, a new marathon training plan, and fresh year on the road. While I put those together, I thought I’d recap my racing season from 2012… I think this is all of them! WIsh I had the patience to pull up my times 🙂


Laps of Reason (race kicked off taper week for Philly!)

1) The ODDessey Half Marathon, Philly

2) Wipro San Francisco Half Marathon

3) River to Sea Relay, 92 miles between 7 people, NJ

3) Rock n’ Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon

4) Laps of Reason (15 miler), Danville, PA

5) Running of the Elves 5k- Lewisburg, PA

6) The Philadelphia Marathon

Whew! What a year it’s been. A useful tool for my as I kicked off my 4 month training for the Philly full was to join Daily Mile at the suggestion of Meghan. It’s an online running journal to log miles, keep track of your progress, running conditions, and connect with runner participating in the same races as you! I HIGHLY reccommend it. The site keeps you accountable and in check with fellow athletes. At the end of 2012 they released a recap of my year… keeping mind I only started using the site mid-August and logged only half my mileage for December, this analysis totally puts into perspecitive the work I’ve put in (and mileage on my shoes) IN ONLY 4.5 MONTHS! Here’s some of my favorite race moments caught on film (which I need to start buying!)… every mile a memory 🙂580343_357905157617279_1666615040_n318839_603468243400_1050870492_n




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